Sex And Intimacy Health

I would like to bring out the most essential yet Taboo topic: Sex And Intimacy health.

Complications which are faced by 70 % women in the India .

As our cultural and traditional heritage there are portrays and carvings of real sexual pleasures of that era. But todays generation is more into watching porn, instead openly talking about it, I would be happy to help people who are struggling and fighting their secret battles, as they know if they talk about it , it will be looked with raised eyebrow in terms of character assisination.

So here I am who can help you providing all the knowledge and essentials that actually everyone requires to know to fulfil their emotional and sexual desires , and be the happiest version of yourself .

Now a days like we come across many online dating apps, But do they help in emotional build up with your partner in terms of intimacy. I will help you to build partnership with your beloved ones.

There are many couple , who doesn’t even talk about it , openly, there is a kind of hesitation always seen for such topics to be discussed.

Why Attend This Course ?

Intimacy is an Important Pillar in Life Satisfaction
Scientific research states that the quality of an intimate relationship has a 79% impact on the quality of our life satisfaction. That our brains are hard-wired for lust, romantic attraction, and emotional bonding. Yet so many people face challenges in finding that right partner and living a fulfilling relationship.

Modern romantic relationship are different than what you have seen in your parent generation.

We expect continuous sexual chemistry in our relationship; we want our partner to understand us, our dreams, our challenges; we want our partner to be our soulmate, passionate lover, partner in crime.

The expectations have skyrocketed and the traditional framework of relationship does no justice to these expectations.

Thus we have:

  • Conflicts and arguments
  • Sexless marriages, loss of sexual spark
  • Relationship becomes a duty

I am an intimacy coach and I have guided thousands of couples in creating understanding and spark in their relationship. In this course I am bringing the best practices that you can learn to take charge of your relationship destiny.


Join my Course, for emotionally fulfilled life , sexually satisifed life and happy life in terms of intimacy

Silver Plan

Discover Your Desires

  • One to One Sessions
  • Total 24 Sessions
  • Twice a Week
  • Duration 3 Months

Gold Plan

Design Your Desires

  • One to One Sessions
  • Total 72 Sessions
  • Twice a Week
  • Duration 9 Months