When Life F*cks - Guts To Glory

This is a non- fiction inspiring story of a little girl Victoria who started fighting her battles since childhood against Physical abuse, Molestation, rape, mental and emotional torture , being a scarlet girl, abusive marriage, and single struggling mother.

This book gives u power to be believe that you are strong enough to handle any challenges, wise enough to find solutions to your problems, and capable enough to do whatever needs to be done.

This book gives you a hope for better tomorrow , that your imperfections make you beautiful, they make you who you are, so just be yourself , love yourself for who you are and just keep going.

I would like to thank myself first for rising up stronger and emerge as a Survivor not a victim.

I would like to thank God and as well as my kids and my mom who believed in me .

I would also like to thank my mentor Geetika Saigal , founder of Beeja education , who herself is the bestselling author of two amazing books, for guiding me throughout the process.

I am also grateful for every person who has come into my life as a true blessing.